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Kate: my hair loss problem started many years ago…

The story of Kate Dickson starts similarly to that of many women who, as she was, were affected by a form of irreversible hair loss and who went a long time without finding a solution capable of rebuilding their image and lost confidence. For Kate, the turning point came thanks to her trusted hair stylist: “One day Michael told me he had the solution for me, a new hair replacement system from Bologna.” Kate was initially sceptic: that she may truly have found an alternative to the inseparable wig seemed too good to be true, but she decided nevertheless to meet some people who had already relied on the CRL system: “I met two people from Bologna and I could not believe that what they were wearing wasn’t actually their hair... I left the center hoping to also have my new head of hair as soon as possible.” Finally the fateful day arrived in which she would try her new hair on for the first time: “I was nervous. As soon as they put it on me, I realized that it was beautiful, thick hair. The base was thin and felt like a second skin, nothing like a wig! I threw my hair back and I was breathless: I felt the wonderful sensation of having my hair again after a long time.” Kate, under the misty-eyed gaze of the entire staff, was truly happy with the result. Once she arrived home she could finally look at herself in the mirror just to admire her image and not to remove the wig, as she had done up until that moment: “It was an emotional and unforgettable day. People say that it is just hair, but when you haven’t had any for a long time, it is an enormous change. It was the end of a 26-year-long battle.” What is your advice for women who suffer from hair loss? “If a woman has a hair problem and they ask me for advice, I would say that this is the best solution there is: this hair gives you confidence, it improves your life 24 hours a day, it is a part of you. The CRL system gave me back the confidence I had lost: I swim, take showers, go out with my friends and I feel like there is no longer a difference between me and the people around me.”


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