extra care line

CRLAB's Extra Care Line consists of specialized treatment masks and a specialized shampoo targeted to treat specific scalp conditions.
Leniskin: For dehydrated scalp. This mask treats redness of the scalp, dry dandruff and psoriasis
Sebum Regulating Mask: For oily or greasy scalp. Made with green clay and pharmaceutically derived molecules, this specialized mask removes impurities and excess sebum while gently cleaning the scalp.
Scrub Peeling Mask: For greasy dandruff. This mask exfoliates the scalp and treats oily/greasy dandruff.
Hygienizing Shampoo: This special CRLAB shampoo with hygienizing properties combines in-depth antibacterial action with moisturizing ingredients resulting in a clean, purified scalp. This shampoo is a perfect product to prepare the scalp for PRP treatments or auto transplantation.
** The specialized masks are used in substitution of the Pre-shampoo for a more effective customized treatment.


  • Trichology
  • Hair replacement system

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