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Take care of scalp to have healthy hair
As you will note, reading this text and looking at the formulations of our products, we principally take care of the scalp and consequently, we solve hair problem. Actually a good percentage of our active principles work on the scalp and are used in skin-care too.

To better understand this crucial concept imagine your scalp and hair system like a land with trees. If you want to have beautiful and healthy “treesâ€$, you have to take care of the land where they grow and eat, eliminating pathogens and giving right nourishments… for our hair is the same: a healthy scalp means having healthier hair.

That's the reason why the core of our formulative philosophy is Nature
From the very beginning the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories has always formulated its trichological products starting from what Nature can offer to us. "Dermophytocosmesi" was the base of our philosophy, ie the use of well-selected plant extracts to solve scalp and hair problems. The heart of our concept has always been the Nature’s sphere and natural elements.

The "plant extracts" we’re talking about are "essential oils": they are a great concentrate of active principles, antioxidants, nourishments and vitamins that, well-mixed, are very powerful weapons able to fight hair problems and scalp anomalies.

It’s a very important Trichology concept for us, that if you want to take care of your hair you need to take care of your scalp. This is because we want to fight the root of the problems and to have stronger, thicker and healthier hair, it’s necessary work principally on the “landâ€$ where our hair grow and eat.

This crucial aspect is not changed with new philosophy: we keep taking care of the scalp of our clients.

In the past, in order to enhance essential oils efficacy, we used molecules from the Pharmacological Sphere. These well-studied and selected molecules completed our trichological concept, and they allowed us in the creation of high functional vials that fight the root of the most common scalp and hair anomalies.

In the new CRLab trichology all this has been even more enhanced. With essential oils, we associated new and strong plant extracts (as argan oil, centella asiatica, serenoa repens, moringa) and we've added, together with pharmacological molecules, plant stem cells that are the elements that link the most meticolous and advanced scientific research to the most precious Nature’s essence. Our target is making us as close as possible to a new holistic concept of cosmetics, we aim at completing our new philosophy embracing higher levels of knowledge taking from the lithosphere specific gemstones that have unexpected regenerating properties.

In summary, four particular ingredients characterize our new CRLab trichological line:

  • Plant stem cells
  • Gemstones
  • Essential oils and plant extracts
  • Pharmacological small molecules

From the Nature’s world, we take the powerful active principles contained in plant extracts and essential oils (flavonoids, terpenes, aminoacids, vitamins) that we enriched with selected gemstones (a treasure of trace elements and minerals).

From the Science sphere, we employ specific small molecules that target the origin of some scalp anomalies and plant stem cells, isolated through particular laboratory processes. The plant stem cells help the correct renewal of our skin cells and protect hair and scalp from bad weather conditions and other stress sources, giving us nourishment too.

Essential oils and pharmacological small molecules These two elements have always characterized our trichological lines.

Essential oils have special properties: they are neither soluble in water, nor greasy like vegetable oils, but can evaporate and penetrate the skin very easily, making them extremely interesting for cosmetic use. In actual fact, the molecules forming the essential oil pass through the horny layer barrier by way of diffusion and some manage to reach the various skin tissues.
Essential oils are composed of a great number of chemical substances. For example, the rose’s essential oil comprises more than 400 different components.
Essential oils are applied topically in the fields of both cosmetology and dermatology (aromacosmetics and skin aromatherapy). - a particular essential oil mix can solve several skin and hair anomalies. The incredible concentration of active principles give nourishment, protection, hydration to our scalp and hair.
Each of our trichological lines is characterized by a specific mix of essential oils in order to solve a particular scalp anomalies (dry or greasy skin, dry and oily dandruff, hair loss, dehydration, seborrhea, psoriasis, redness and sensitive skin, etc.).
The SYNERGY of essential oils is the result of masterly, carefully-formulated mixtures in which the combination of numerous essences provides a complete and immediate answer to the various problems associated with blemishes of the hair and scalp.
The various synergies are then mixed with water. Being an emulsion of oils in water, the resultant lotions are effective, but not aggressive.
Being completely alcohol-free prevents problems of dryness and dehydration.

Pharmacological small molecules
They are “magic bulletsâ€$, able to fight the origin of our scalp and hair problems.
Some examples: Piroctone Olamine and Climbazole: they are two potent antibacterial molecules that we use to tackle dandruff formation. Indeed, in any case we have dandruff, we note always the proliferation of the Malassezia Furfur microorganism. So we must fight its growth if we want to solve our dandruff problem.
Nicotine derived. This particular molecule is able to restore microcirculation. Blood circulation is very important for the normal nourishment supply of the hair bulb. Without a balanced and well-working microcirculation, our hair cannot have vitamins, oligoelements, lipids and everything else they need to grow strong and healthy. Adding this molecule in some of our specific product, we enhance the blood supply to the scalp, encouraging the correct growing of our hair
Hydrolyzed keratin: Hydrolyzed keratin: Our hair are made of keratin. But it’s not useful giving directly this protein to our hair. It’s necessary (through a chemical or enzymatic process) making keratin “hydrolyzed”. In this way the keratin will be a very useful restructuring agent, well-absorbed by the hair. Moreover it has a moisturizing function and works deep into the root of the hair. This molecule makes hair good-looking, ensures shine, softness and ease of combing. The hydrolyzed keratin is also used to treat various hair problems such as hair frizzy or brittle, damaged by previous colors etc.
Octyldodecyl PCA. This very complex molecule acts as a moisturizing and conditioning active. It is an easy spreading, fast absorbing ester leaving a soft skin feel. It provides an exceptional silky and non-oily skin feel.
Azelaic Acid: A molecule with so diversified properties: it’s a potent antibacterial and antiseptic. Moreover it has a slight capability in inhibiting the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme and in so doing reducing hair loss. It’s also a good sebum regulator… in summary this molecule has great scalp equilibrating capacities
Gemstone in cosmetics.
The use of gemstones, stones and minerals for skin care is a very old procedure. Often, women used to cover their skin with minerals and gemstones to reinforce and make their skin softer; Cleopatra used Malachite (rich in copper, with antibacterial and antiradicals properties) to make her skin soft and silky.
In the old Chinese medicine, gemstones were usually used because of their therapeutic properties.
Today, we know that minerals and gemstones, used in an appropriate way, can be a great reserve of trace elements and other molecules to enhance trichological treatments efficacy. Trough particular processing, we can obtain a very fine dust from gemstones. This dust is then incorporated in our cosmetics to improve their functionality.
Gemstones can be useful because of their biological, physic and mechanic properties. For example, they were used in the past as UV filter and to hide wrinkles (exploiting their physic properties).
In our trichology products, we have introduced three different gemstones for three different trichological lines.
Ruby gemstone characterizes our hair loss prevention line.
Ruby was used for its purifying capacity and for its ability to give strengthen to the body. It’s know to promote skin well-being and blood circulation.
Today we know that this very precious stone is composed from aluminum oxide with chromium traces. Chromium is very important oligoelements for cell metabolism.
Sapphire gemstone is in our anti -greasy dandruff and -oily skin line.
Sapphire was known in the past for its revitalizing and purifying properties… today we use it in our formulation because of its composition of aluminum oxide and iron traces: Iron is another very important oligoelement for hair cell metabolism.
Diamond gemstone is included in our line for dry skin and dandruff.
Diamond is the precious stone with regeneration properties. It well-reflects light, giving the illusion of a younger skin. Today we use its high peeling capability and its properties to reflect light is used as UV shield. For these reasons diamond characterizes the “dry skin and anti dandruff” line.

Plant stem cells
Plant stem cells are pluripotent cells that we get from part of plants (roots or petals). They are very useful and potent cells, able to react to any bad condition. Even if removed from origin plants, they can defend themselves from adverse weather conditions (cold, hot, UV rays). In pharmacology and cosmetology, they are used to help our skin cells to increase their capacity to resist to bacteria, clime, pollution, etc.
Moreover, Plant stem cells are for us a very important source of nourishment (as aminoacids and oligoelements) and protective molecules (as antioxidant agents). They work to improve renewal capacity of our skin cells, giving us protection and nourishment.
In our trichological lines we choose to use:
For the hair loss prevention line we use Apple stem cells: they help cell growing and improve hair bulb life, contrasting hair loss.
For the anti-sebum line we use Edelweiss stem cells: they regenerate our connective layer, improving the health of the scalp and this is very important action for greasy scalp to help hair growing.
For the anti-dandruff line we use Rhododendron stem cells: we use their strong anti-dehydration properties, to avoid dandruff formation and to fight dry scalp.


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