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Is the CRL system a wig?


No. Unlike a wig, the CRL system is moulded to precisely mirror your scalp, hairline and original direction of growth. Once in place a client can return to a fully active life including swimming, wearing a helmet and high impact sports, as well as full styling treatments.

Is the CRL system a transplant?


No, the method is non-invasive and non-surgical. There is no risk of incompatibility or rejection.

Can the system leave permanent marks or scars?


There is absolutely no risk of scars or tissue damage. The system has been dermatologically-tested in conjunction with leading universities and all clients undergo a patch test before treatment commences.

Will the CRL system damage hair regrowth?


No, the system will not affect hair regrowth.

How long does the CRL system last?


In theory, as all goods subject to wear and tear, it could last forever, but in practice hair is subject to breaking because of traction and/or tearing, therefore duration is subjective and it also depends on the care and servicing. In any case it can be replenished at all times

Can I change the colour or cut?


Absolutely. The CRL system is practical and very functional: you can change your hairstyle and use styling products such as gel, hairspray, mousse.

Are there any contra indications?


No, the method is clinically tested and hypoallergenic, also for safety, patients undergo an allergy test specific.

What is alopecia?


Alopecia is a term derived from the greek "Alopex", "fox", animal hair changes twice a year, and that generally means thinning or hair loss. You can talk about alopecia in respect of any loss of hair, regardless of the cause.

What is the difference between baldness and hair loss?


Baldness describes irreversible and permanent hair loss. Hair loss describes the process, and can potentially be slowed.

What is the difference between male and female hair loss?


Diet, hormones, pollution, genetics and stress can all contribute towards hair loss. However some factors are more common in different genders, such as hormonal imbalances being more common in women and pattern baldness which is far more common amongst men.

Isn't hair loss natural?


Every day we lose about 20-100 hairs naturally (150-600 per week) and this is part of the normal physiology. It is common to notice hair loss whilst washing. Cesare Ragazzi Laboratory consultants are trained to recognise whether the rate of loss is a cause for concern or normal.

How can I care for my CRL system?


Your consultant will advise you on how to care for your hair between visits to the clinic. A mobile clinic is also available, allowing treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


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