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Alessandro’s Story

"Mine is a long story, let me sum it up. Aged 18, I started losing my hair and I would not accept it also because I am a sportsman. Being a sportsman, I had to deal all the time with the problem of hair loss, which aged me incredibly. Between the ages of 18 and 20, I tried and found a first solution: some treatments that resulted in minor improvements, a long way from satisfactory. Like the biblical myth Samson, who would lose his strength if he lost his hair, I too was beginning to feel weaker and decided to find a solution that would help me regain my strength. At that time, many years ago, I used to see Cesare Ragazzi ads and decided to put my trust in Cesare Ragazzi: it turned out to be the right choice, it gave me back my self-esteem and my strength and my life changed a lot. By feeling strong again, I also started to feel self-assured and improve the professional and business aspects of my life. My confidence has improved which had an impact on my athletic performance and determination - so much so that today I am a triathlete. CRL is super-strong! You can swim for 4km, cycle for 180 km and run a 42-km marathon without worrying about your hair, or lose 6kg sweating like crazy but... with a full head of hair! There are no other words to express all the benefit that I got out of this system. Today, I still train very hard, I exercise for three hours every day, I run 150 km a month, I cycle for 500 km each month and swim for 21 km, perspiring massively, and this system has made me really happy. Thank you!"


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