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Claudia’s Story

At the age of 21, in just 10 minutes I lost all my hair because of a severe form of alopecia areata universalis. In such a short time, my whole life changed. From one moment to the next, it turned upside down because my self-perception suddenly changed - having had little time to realise what was happening to me. I had to look for urgent, effective solutions - while at the same time trying to determine what was actually happening to me in medical terms. I found that there was no cure for alopecia areata and the only “high-impact” therapy that I could try concerned my physical appearance: finding again my “old”; face and expression that had changed because of the natural course of the disease. It was not easy, because finding yourself again just is not; you have to look for everything that it takes to recover your way of looking at things, to feel at ease again in your everyday life, and much more. I am a woman and the mother of two wonderful children, who for a long time, especially when they were very young, found it hard to even hold me again. This is because they could feel my fear that my hair would “move”; in fact, my initial approach to cosmetic improvement had been to buy a hairpiece but, 24 years ago, the quality of the available products was much lower compared to what’s on the market today. My hairpiece was cute but not very adaptable and there was no double sided adhesive tape or strips. I would always panic when I met someone and they hugged and kissed me. Many years ago, this was my daily life. CRL totally gave me back the way my face and expression used to be. It allowed me the freedom to be myself, to move, feel the wind in my hair, hug my children tight and let them run their hands through my hair. It has made it possible for me to be a real woman again with my husband, affording me the most incredible quality of life.


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