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Cristina’s Story

"Before CRL, I felt like a caged bird. I was unable to live my life the way I did before I lost my hair 4 years ago. Once I had my CRL, I started to have fun again and started visiting my hairdresser to style my hair in the craziest of hairstyles. I even went to Gardaland, an amusement park and I went on the most thrilling rides without any fears of losing what I had on my head. My day has changed completely. Before, I could not look at myself in the mirror unless I had something covering my head like a baseball cap or an awful wig that would cause my sensitive scalp so much irritation. I often scratched my scalp and created more problems for myself than needed. With the CRL, I do not feel like I have a prosthesis on my head. I forget I have alopecia. With the wigs, I was always afraid when the wind blew. I was even afraid to move my purse on my shoulder for fear that my wig would move and draw attention to myself. Before the alopecia, I used to play with my hair and when I lost my hair, I felt that I lost a part of myself. With CRL, I feel like me. I regained my smile, I regained the chance to visit my hairdresser to have the strangest of hairstyles with the tiniest of braids. I play just like I did before I lost my hair. Everything is so natural, so beautiful. I can swim in a pool or at the beach. When I wake up in the morning, I look at myself and find the same smiling Cristina like 4 years ago."


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