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Donna’s Story

"Previous to the CRL, I was using wigs which are quite uncomfortable. Also, made me very hot. I was concerned if the wig would slip or fall off. Wind blowing. Things of that nature. That’s what I worried about the most. If things were on my hair and if the wig was on correctly or if you know if it shifted throughout the day. Because, I work a long day. So, during lunch, I was always going to the bathroom to make sure everything was ok with it. It just caused more stress on itself. That’s all been alleviated. Well, it’s given me more security and confidence. I am able to now go swimming without well trying to find a swim cap or something that covers it. I can play sports without worrying that when I play volleyball that the wig is going to slip. It’s just a lot easier for me to live my day. When I go to the gym, I’m able to pin it up. Which I couldn’t wearing a wig when I went to the gym. I’m able to do an up do or down do. I can wear it curly or straight. It’s just like my natural hair and I am very happy with it. I’ve done different things. It was a little bit longer. A little bit darker. Had it cut. I had it colored, highlighted, I should say. I found out the moment I put it on, I knew that this was the final thing that I was going to do. Because, I’ve tried hair transplants and again the wigs. So, this is just been, I think, my ending point. Definitely given me more confidence to go about my day. I think that the real me is finally back. Because, before I was just so conservative and always concerned if it looked natural."


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