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Stefano’s Story

"Nobody likes to lose their hair. When I realised that my hair was falling out, I decided I wanted to fix the problem so that you could not tell a “before” and an “after”. I never liked the idea of going bald, but unfortunately, I knew that given my family history, I was going to, and in any case, I would never had a lot of hair. When I started to actually lose my hair, I worried a lot. Luckily, I saw some Cesare Ragazzi ads and learnt that even bald persons could have their hair back, and I was not even bald yet. I told myself that it would be even easier to get my hair back or at least not to lose more hair. I immediately contacted Cesare Ragazzi and I must say that they were very clear and professional and reassured me. However, back then I thought, easier said than done ... anyone can make empty promises and in the end, the actual results may be very different from what you expected. I decided to trust them although I was not really sure what the end result would look like... I was a bit nervous but I have to admit that my hair actually looks the way I wanted it look! Now I am so, so happy, they managed to fix such a big issue for me, I would not sleep at night thinking I might go bald - to look like Inspector Montalbano was such a horrible prospect for me. I must say that, at the end of the day, I was really happy; once my hair problem was sorted, my life changed for the better, I didn’t have a bad life before but it has definitely improved massively since. My already good life became so much better thanks to Cesare Ragazzi’s solution: it became just perfect, I managed to do the job I wanted, I was a dancer for years and I was an actor. I did stacks of different things on TV, and this gift I got, my hair, yes I see it as a gift, it made my life utterly fantastic."


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