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Our trichology division

Products and treatments for restoring beautiful hair

Would you like stronger, thicker hair? With Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories CRLab range you can see for yourself just how easy it is to improve your hair's condition. You will receive a complete scalp and hair health check so that we can establish the best combination of clinically tested products to improve your scalp's circulation and boost hair growth.

LET’S BE HONEST and admit that a scalp anomaly cannot be solved through the use of just a shampoo or lotion. Malassezia furfur is a microorganism which caused dry and greasy dandruff and skin dehydration, sebum hyperproduction, the presence of toxins and free radicals. Inadequate tissue oxygenation, are causes of hairloss and thinning hair; these are all conditions in which we can fight only through the synergy targeted products and a serious and complete protocol, because single products cannot act alone.
Our research offer 3 effective protocols to tackle the major causes that affect our hair and scalp conditions:

  • Hair loss protocol
  • Dandruff protocol
  • Sebum protocol

For women and men, CRLab embraces a formulative philosophy based on 'dermophytocosmesi', our products are made high quality raw materials, which have undergone a refined productive process, in order to grant an excellent efficacy level.

The synergy of essential oils, plant stem cells and oligoelements, is the starting point for our treatment lines and products, whose primary target is the health of your scalp and consequently your hair.

Our lotions, the result of an extremely accurate and efficient mix – are very target oriented while never aggressive. Our cleaners do not contain harsh cleaning agents, which are normally the cause of dryness of scalp and follicles.

CRLab products are dermatologically tested by Italian University, following the GMP indications.

All of our products are formulated and made in Italy, using the most innovative, safe, and certified high-quality raw materials.


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